Our Story

Fog represents the unknown & Moon represents knowledge.



We are a family owned and run business. Living in New Zealand we are lucky enough to be surrounded by nature and natural resources. We want our children and our future generations to continue to enjoy this heritage. At Fog & Moon we create artisan pieces from high quality natural materials. Bringing ideas and designs back to the source and their simplest form. We have designed an exclusive, made to order range of high quality linens.

Our Founder & Creative Director Tanya has always been in love with nature. Starting from an early age when she would gather food and traditional Māori Rongoa (medicine) with her Grandmother and Mother. Tanya has been gifted the Rongoa recipes of her Great Grandmother and namesake Te Miringa Te Rorarangi, these recipes typed and handwritten by her Great Grandmother are Tanya’s daily inspiration.


As a component of our ‘Positive by Nature’ project we are researching and developing growing our own 100% pure linen in New Zealand. Natural, organic and sustainable made from New Zealand native flax fibres and traditional flax linen (linum usitastissimum) plant variety. The goal is to include sustainable processing methods that will feed back into the growing & harvesting environment, creating a reciprocal cyclical whole system with nature.




Fog & Moon designers are inspired by the elements, love nature and getting lost in the woods.

This is an evolutionary process as we are developing our research of European flax, and our own New Zealand flax fibres to grow an organic, sustainable and renewable linen here in New Zealand.


Tanya Te Miringa Te Rorarangi Ruka
Master Art & Design