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fogandmoonFog & Moon creation policy: Simplicity is key.

We believe in consciously and ethically designing products that support the zero waste concept, we refrain from embellishment so our handmade range is completely biodegradable.

1. Sizing:

We endeavour to work with a zero waste policy, therefore our sizing will vary as we create products that work with the material lengths to prevent waste. Measurements & sizing will be posted with the product images.

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2. Labels & Packaging:


Fog & Moon believe in the beauty of simplicity, so our range of clothing, jewellery & bags are made with no added embellishments, right down to the linen hand drawn label and hand written thank you tags.

We do not use plastic in the packaging of our products. We like to make sure the materials of our products are honoured, from start to finish. Your purchases are packaged into a flax box so they can either be reused, composted or recycled. We also hand draw our labels on linen & personally write our thank you notes on handmade flax paper.

(* boxes will differ in size & colour)



3. Shipping:

Our products are handmade and made to order, in this way we do not create added pressure on the environment. If we are sewing a custom order please allow for the time it will take to sew the product, we will give you an estimation on order.

Products are shipped from New Zealand and may take up to 6 – 10 working days or longer to arrive dependant on your address in the world.

4. Fabric Care | Taking care of your heirloom investment

Fog & Moon inspect our work, and our products will be pressed before packaging. Please remember as our products are linen the charm of this material is its tendency to wrinkle, we expect that the material will probably relax during travel.

Fog & Moon recommends washing the linens with cold water, using a gentle wash detergent preferably natural and line drying (in the shade if a colour textile) for environment and fibre care.

5. Order Changes:

Since each garment is made to order, we are unable to accept cancellations for refunds.

6. Returns:

Please be aware we have a no returns policy.

Fog & Moon linens are handmade from fine quality linen. Great care and consideration has been taken to source fine quality materials and textiles. Your product will be unique to you, there are no industrial machines used in the making of our pieces, small imperfections are part of the made by hand process. We inspect our work and only send out pieces that we are happy with.

We are made to order so as not to cause further stress to our environment and support the Zero Waste concept. Please be aware of the time to make the product and send from New Zealand.

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 We thank you for understanding the nature of our handmade pieces.

“Fog & Moon products are thoughtfully designed and ethically made in Poneke Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand.”