Our Designer Linen Range

Fog & Moon adore natural, simple and functional designs. Our designer linen range will be available in the following colour palette focussing on pure simplicity and appreciation of the beauty of the raw material – linen.

(Organic Belgian linen samples: naturally coloured by nature with the interaction of sun, rain and soil loom state and non bleached or dyed)
N A T U R A L S  &  N E U T R A L S | Earth Elements | Paioneone
W H I T E | By the Light of the Moon | Marama
B L A C K | Darkest Night | Te Po
G R E Y S | Rising Mists + Descending Fog  | Pukohu


Like her Great Grandmother and namesake before her our designer Tanya loves plants and nature, spending her time immersed in the dappled light through the leaves in the forest. In the same way she also personally selects the material that we use, and examines the touch and feel of the linen.  Tanya has a personal interest in researching flax, and the transition from seed to plant to fibre material and textiles. We are passionate about creating a product that is high quality, durable, sustainable and well made by hand for you.




Where do we source our linen?

We honour our materials and you our customer so you can rest assured we intend our designs to be as transparent as possible.

Each Fog & Moon piece will have the linen source identified with its product listing under 3 categories. :

  1. The Fabric Store Wellington: We currently source our linen from The Fabric Store. They have a zero waste policy and purchase their linen from designers in New Zealand, Australia and the U.S.
  2. Belgian Linen: During our research into European linen flax we have discovered a high quality organic and sustainably grown and processed linen, from 5th Generation Master Fine Linen makers and growers in Belgium.
  3. Heritage and vintage linens: found, rescued & gifted. It is important to Fog & Moon to follow a zero waste ethic. We believe this means using linen resources that have a history and have lived a previous life. Some people adore this concept however we are also aware that some find this idea some what unnerving, fear not – we will give full disclosure. We just can not stand to see a valuable piece of linen discarded. Our pieces made with this material will be listed as a heritage or vintage textile linen.